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Rain Water Harvesting Scheme

Rain Water Harvesting Scheme

  • Purpose of the Scheme

To encourage crop/livestock farmers ‘harvest’ rainwater to optimize use of water resources.

The Scheme provides partial funding as grant for acquisition of appropriate equipment to collect, store and supply of rainwater on-farm for the sole purpose of agricultural production.

  • Details of the Scheme

  1. A grant of 50% on investment costs for installation of rainwater harvesting facilities up to a maximum of Rs 100,000.
  2. The scheme caters for on-farm installation of rainwater harvesting system on existing shed or construction/putting up of a rain water collecting pond/or any other light structure for collecting rain water.
  3. Construction of a new farm shed/ store is excluded.

Prospective applicants will benefit from the Scheme only once.

  • Beneficiaries

Individual planters/breeders registered with the Small Farmers Welfare Fund (SFWF), Co-operative Societies/Companies engaged in the commercial production of food crops, ornamentals and livestock.

  • Eligibility Criteria

  1. Holder of the relevant permits/licenses to carry out the farming activities where applicable;
  2. Have proof of funding for the remaining amount on proposed investment; and
  3. Holder of title deed or lease agreement (minimum 5 years) for land hosting the proposed rainwater harvesting facility.
  • Mode of Application

Farmer has to fill the appropriate application form and submit supporting document, where applicable, as follows:

  1. Copy of registration certificate in case of Co-operative Societies/Companies/Farmers Associations or Copy of Small Planters Welfare Fund (SFWF) registration card in case of individuals;
  2. Copy of Identity Card for members of Co-operative Societies/Companies;
  3. Copy of relevant permits, licences;
  4. Proof of funding from a recognized financial institution (e.g. updated letter from bank); and
  5. Quotation(s) from the Supplier(s).
  6. Layout plan

The application form is available at any sub office of the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI) or can be downloaded from the Ministry’s website: http://agriculture.govmu.org
The application form duly filled along with the relevant documents and sketch/plan should be submitted at the nearest sub-offices of FAREI.

  • Special Conditions

  • Upon approval, an Agreement will be signed between the Ministry (represented by FAREI) and the beneficiary.
  • All facilities funded under Rain Water Harvesting Scheme will be utilized solely for horticultural production
  • Mode of payment for the scheme will be as follows;
    40% on submission of receipts and the remaining 60% on completion report.
  • Implementing Agency

Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI)