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Banana – FHIA 25

Banana – FHIA 25

Cooking Type Banana Variety

Outstanding Qualities

  • High yielding (20 to 50 kg bunch)
  • Resistant to Eumusae leaf spot and Panama disease
  • Tolerant to banana freckle diseaseĀ and Fusarium wilt (Race 4)
  • No browning of green fruit pulp after peeling

FHIA 25 developed from the Honduran Breeding Programme is a high yielding banana variety producing bunch weight of up to 50 kg under warm and humid conditions and around 20 kg in cool/super-humid conditions. It is resistant to Eumusae leaf spot (previously known as Mycosphaerella Leaf disease complex) and Panama disease (Fusarium Wilt Race 1). It is also tolerant to banana freckle disease and Fusarium wilt (Race 4). The green fruit is suitable for cooking and processing into fries, crisps and flour. The ripe fruit can be used for processing into dehydrated snacks and puree. The green fruit pulp is not prone to browning after peeling. Its resistance/tolerance to major diseases makes it ideal for cultivation without application of fungicides.