The Entomology Division conducts research on the biology and ecology of pests of horticultural crops for the development of integrated pest management systems. Such strategies include cultural, biological, physical, mechanical and chemical (biopesticides/synthetic) control tactics. The Division also operates a laboratory that provides

  • diagnostic services to cater for pest problems encountered by farmers.
  • service for testing the efficacy of plant protection products (bio and synthetic products) for updating control recommendation on new products that are safer
  • natural enemies (parasitoids & predators) of key pests to the farming community

Vision of the Entomology Division

To be the point reference in Mauritius for research in agricultural entomology and development and implementation of sustainable pest management strategies for farmers in crop and livestock production.

Vision of the Entomology Laboratory

To be the benchmark Entomology Laboratory in diagnosis of arthropod pests and advisory services in the region.


To conduct research on pests on commodities other than sugarcane and deliver high quality scientific advice and technical support to its clients for sustainable crop production.


  • To devise IPM strategies for improvement of current pest control practices.
  • To develop pest management strategies in biofarming.
  • To promote biological control among growers.
  • To test and recommend new products that are safer.
  • To provide quality diagnosis to growers and recommend on appropriate control measures.
  • To maintain a pest surveillance system for early detection of new pests and outbreaks of existing ones.
  • To train Extension Officers and growers on developed technologies.