All courses are runĀ on a half day session of 3 hours duration once a week except for Agro-Processing courses which are run on consecutive full day session of 5 hours.

Course TitleCodeSessionsDuration (hours)
Horticulture Foundation*HOR 100412
Crop Production (Vegetables)HOR 101618
Ornamental ProductionHOR 102618
Fruit ProductionHOR 103618
GardeningHOR 104927
Hydroponic ProductionHOR 105618
Hydroponic OperationsHOR 1061030
Mushroom ProductionHOR 10726
Kitchen GardeningHOR 108412
Good Agricultural Practices- HorticultureHOR 109721
Foundation Sustainable FarmingHOR 110618
Post harvest ManagementHOR 11139
* A prerequisite to courses on Crop Production (vegetables), Ornamental Production, Fruit Production, Hydroponic Production
Course TitleCodeSessionsDuration (Hours)
Livestock Foundation**LVK 10039
Livestock Production (Poultry, Ducks, Small Birds)LVK 101824
Rabbit RearingLVK 102412
Stockmanship In PoultryLVK 1031236
Livestock Production (Ruminants)LVK 104824
Piglets ProductionLVK 106927
Egg ProductionLVK 107412
Broiler ProductionLVK 108412
Duck ProductionLVK 109412
Operation Of A Small Dairy FarmLVK 110824
Goat Production LVK 111412
Fodder ProductionLVK 1121236
Livestock Production (Poultry, Ducks, Small Birds)LVK 101824
** A prerequisite to courses on Livestock production (poultry, ducks, small birds), Livestock production (Ruminants)
Course TitleCodeSessionsDuration (hours)
Chips MakingAGRO 101515
Preservation of fruits & vegetables with sugarAGRO 102630
Pickles MakingAGRO 103630
Mushroom ProcessingAGRO 104315
Minimal processingAGRO 105315
Tomato processingAGRO 106315
Course TitleCodeSessionsDuration (hours)
Production of planting materialsAGRIBUS 103618
Pesticide applicationAGRIBUS 104515
Introduction to Farm ManagementAGRIBUS 105618
Nursery operationsAGRIBUS 1071133
Course TitleCodeSessionsDuration (hours)