The Livestock Extension Division mainly engages itself in the provision of services and support to stakeholders in the livestock sector in order to increase livestock production and improve farm productivity. The species covered are mainly cattle, goat and sheep, pig and poultry. Nevertheless, farmers keeping other minor species are also supported. Extension service and support are provided and accessible throughout the island through an established network of resources.

The main objective of the Division is to provide advisory services and training to the farming community for sustainable livestock and poultry production, to improve the livelihood of farmers and to enhance food security.

This is achieved mainly through the provision of the following services to the farming community as well as other clients (entrepreneurs, women, youth, students, NGOs among others):

  • Capacity building of the livestock operators through conduct of MQA registered training courses in livestock production and value addition, advisory visits, meetings, demonstrations, conducted tours for the adoption of new technologies and professionalization of farming.
  • Assist in the writing up of business plan
  • Deliver courses in NTC 3 Agriculture at Farmers Training Centre
  • Facilitate access to inputs such as feeds (concentrate, molasses, bagasse and sugar cane tops), state land, loans, foreign labour work permit and government incentives
  • Analysis of milk, feed to monitor quality and safety.
  • Analysis of soil samples for fertiliser recommendations in fodder production
  • Falicitate sale of surplus livestock produced at FAREI
  • Provision of mating service for goats and rabbits to upgrade their genetic potential
  • Interface with other stakeholders and service providers to attend to requests and complaints
  • Participate in government policy decisions and implementation
  • Collection of a data base on number of livestock operators and livestock population