The Information and Training Division is mainly engaged in the preparation of relevant information and its dissemination to the farming community and the public at large together with provision of formal training for improving farmers’ productivity while inculcating professionalism in the field of agriculture and agribusiness. The Division operates through a Training Unit, an Information Unit, a Women and Youth Unit and a Agro-processing Resource Center

The principal objective of the Division is to support agricultural development through offering quality training programs and information for our farmers

Training unit

Farmer Training School (FTS)

Objectives: Training for improving farmers’ productivity and inculcating professionalism and entrepreneurial skills as well as workers’ know-how for improved employability.

Registered as a MQA approved training institution since 2006 with a pool of experienced field officers. The FTS is a fully equipped center with all training facilities viz. air conditioned training rooms, relevant tools and equipment and audio visual equipments.

FTS affiliated AREU training sites are: Mapou Model Farm, Flacq Model Farm, Riviere des Anguilles Model Farm, Plaisance Demonstration Center.


  • Scope of training courses offered ranges from:
  • Production courses for improved productivity
  • Agribusiness courses to tap existing opportunities
  • Foundation courses for those new in agriculture or those who wish to consolidate their knowledge in agronomy/ animal husbandry
  • Courses developing competencies for improving employability
  • Value addition courses through processing
  • Farm management courses aiming at professionalizing the sector

The FTS also runs the National Trade Certificate level 3 Agriculture course, one year award course in collaboration with MITD/HRDC.

Farmers Training School

Information Unit

Objectives: Meeting information need of the farming community and the public


  • Information management
  • Production and distribution of technical information sheets/booklets and FAREI farming news
  • SMS disease alerts (free sms alerting on potential disease outbreak following favourable climatic conditions)
  • Agricultural radio programmes (‘Vulgarisation Agricole’ and ‘Krishi darshan’ (in creole and bhojpuri) on Wednesdays at 7.00 pm and 5.00 p.m. respectively on MBC radio (Radio Mauritius 1 and 2); ‘Spot Agricole’ on weekdays on MBC radio (Cool FM) at 6.15 am.
  • Directory of service and inputs providers.


Women and Youth Unit

Objectives: Agroprocessing development, Promoting agriculture among Women and Youths and women entrepreneurship.



  • Training in agro processing and advisory visit to agro processing entrepreneurs
  • Agro processing Resource Center facility which provides existing and potential agro agroprocessing entrepreneurs access to processing equipment for product development and product development.
  • Agricultural clubs (Women and Youth, Young entrepreneurs) whose objectives are to initiate and provide training in agriculture to club members. Support to affiliated agricultural clubs: talks/training, demonstrations, conducted tours, seeds/planting materials, setting up of kitchen garden.


Agro processing Resource Center


  • To serve as a model agro processing unit
  • To acquaint prospective agro processors with semi industrial processing equipments and processing norms (quality and hygiene)
  • To assists prospective agro processors in validating their project ideas (access to processing equipment for product development and market test)
  • For training and development purpose

Services/facilities offered*:

  • Chilling and freezing
  • Packaging (includes vacuum)
  • Pasteurising
  • Blending/grinding/ Slicing
  • Deep Frying
  • Dehydrating
  • Monitoring/measuring equipment (pH, Total Soluble Solids, moisture, rancidity)
  • Jars, packaging materials, preservatives
* Minimum service charge applies