The Division is mainly involved in providing support to the Crop, Livestock, Extension & Training Departments and other stakeholders in terms of data, statistics and analysis. It is also responsible in establishing research and field study methodologies together with development of appropriate statistical tools to support research work and the establishment of various databases.

Objectives and Goals

The main objectives and scope of activities carried out by the Division are as follows:

  • Agricultural Statistics

Monitoring of non-sugar crop production and production of statistics for a wide range of foodcrop and livestock. These includes area under new plantations, level of production for the crop sector and dis-aggregated animal population for the livestock sector. Dissemination of market prices for vegetable and trend analysis. The information generated is used mainly to take stock of the current situation, for reporting, establishing trends and decision making.

  • Support to Research
    • Assist Crop and Livestock researchers in conducting experiments/trials by: vetting of experimental protocols (prepared by researchers), recommending appropriate experimental design, advising on sampling method and sample size for experimental data collection, performing data analysis and interpreting experimental results.
    • Provide assistance in the preparation and analysis of surveys by vetting of survey questionnaires, advising on sampling method and sample size for data collection and interpretation of survey results.
    • Vetting of research scientific publications, reports and project proposals prepared by researchers.
  • Assistance to Extension
    • Assist Crop and Livestock Extension to develop and update methodologies for data collection through surveys/censuses.
    • Provide assistance in the preparation and analysis of surveys/censuses by designing or vetting of survey/census questionnaires, advising on sampling method/ sample size for data collection purposes and interpreting survey/census results.
    • Compilation and validation of data (e.g. monthly production census, market prices) collected by Extension Department.
  • Developing tools for foodcrops production forecast
    • Forecasting production of crops of economic importance like potato and onion which the Agricultural Marketing Board (AMB) uses for planning importations.
    • Forecasting foodcrop production following a natural calamity and thereon advise on importations strategies for food security purposes.
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